2D game designer

Mô tả công việc

  • 【Mission】
  • Work with 2DCG of home video games consoles , PC games, App games for cellphone
  • 【Job Description】
  • Designing (Characters, monsters, backgrounds, weapons, items etc...)
  • Illustration
  • Designing UI
  • 2D animation designing
  • ※Clients are all Japanese gaming companies

Yêu cầu chung

  • 【MUST】
  • ☆Submit portfolio
  • A work of drawing or sketch (this is to check the ability of your basic drawing skill)
  • A work of 2D using digital tool (Photoshop, Clipstudio, etc..)→ can be the work you have done in college or university
  • Actual 2D work piece if you have worked as 2D designer
  • Animation work, effect work if you have any
  • 【WANT】
  • Working experience in gaming industry more than a year
  • Experience and knowledge in UI design
  • Knowing how to use Photoshop, Clipstudio, UnrealEngine4, Flash, Illustrator, AftereffectsLive2D, Spine

Quyền lợi

  • Salary: ~1500 USD
  • Tet Bonus
  • Pay raise/a year
  • Holiday: Every Saturday and Sunday
  • Vacation: Public holiday

Thông tin nhà tuyển dụng

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